Charter guide

Looking for the ultimate holiday? Let’s charter a yacht and dive into The World of Yachting. Whether you’re planning a day-trip, mini-break, annual holiday or any corporate event, our Team has the knowledge and the experience to propose you the best solution according to your needs and wishes.

They are some key attributes that characterized a charter and allow you to enjoy a personnalized and unique experience onboard:

Flexible itineraries:

Our team will be there to recommend and suggest you some idea or ready-to-go itineraries but you’ll also have the possibility to change your mind and compose the itinerary that will fit with all your expectations.

Tailored menus and activities:

As we will ask for your preferences during the booking process, the chef will suggest you a day-to-day menu for approval, usually directly linked with the local cultures and gastonomy.
Regarding activities, there is no limit! Watersports, exceptionnal dining, social opportunities, countries exploration and many more to make sure that the trips is yours.

Devoted crew members:

The crew onboard will propose you the highest standards services and will look after you to fit your personnality, style and expectation.

The best way to charter a yacht is to work with a trusted broker like those at The World of Yachting who will listen to your requirements and then find the perfect yacht in your dream destination and ensure that an incredible itinerary is created to provide you with the holiday of a lifetime. All you need is first to be aware of the step to follow to charter a yacht.

Think about how many people you will be, what you want to do, the type of yachts you are looking for, your budget, where you want to go

Get in touch with our charter broker to let them know your choices

Your broker will provide you a selection of yachts meeting your requirements and guide you though the selection process


The charterer is the principal entity, person or representative named and signatory to the charter contract.
The charter fee includes the rent of the yacht with its crew (rental of the yacht, crew salaries, insurance, etc.).
The Advanced Provisionning Allowance (APA) consists of a pre-calculated sum of money paid by the charter in advance to the captain who will use it to pay the charterer’s expenses over and above the rental of the yacht (fuel, food and beverages, entertainment) and is around 30/35% of the cost of the charter (all expenses are at cost price from the goods or services supplier). At the end of the charter, the captain will present to the charterer a detailed sheet listing all the particular charter expenses together with the relevant invoices and reimburse the funds that have not been used during the meantime.
The payment for a charter is made in 2 installments. The first one constitutes 50% of charter fees and is due upon the signature of the contract and this secure the booking of the yacht charter. The second installment consists of the remaining 50% plus VAT and a security deposit (APA) is due no later than one motnh prior to the charter starts.
Last minute charters can be made subject to availability of the yacht. There may be deals to be had in the case of a cancellation or a space between two bookings for a yacht which is offered at a discount.
How much should I tip the crew? The crew are employed by the yacht owning company and it is entirely up to you whether you tip them after the commercial operation. The normal level of tipping is around 10% of the charter fee for a satisified client but it remains entirelyat the guests discretion. We would recommend yoy to give it to the captain to seperate it equally.
The guest preference list is for the guests to fill out by giving any details of personal likes and dislikes for consideration by the crew. This is particularly prevalent with consideration to drink and food, possible allergies and any medical or physical considerations. The preference list can also be used to express an inclination for certain sports, music/entertainment and just about anyhting else that comes to mind to have everythink taken into account for your personnalized pleasure during the commercial operation. Moreover, a lit of all charter guests will be required beforehand along with corresponding nationalities and passport numbers with the utmost confidentiality. This allow us to anticipate any particular requirements when travelling with regards to the authorities.


MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) is a trade assoication founded in 1984 with the aim of promoting stanards of professionalism and ethics in the yachting industry througout the Mediterranean. MYBA only endorses membership to brokerages with a proven track of professional excellence thereby offerent valuable benefits and safeguards to clients choosing to be part of the MYBA network. Thierry Voisin, our chairman was once the president of this association and our brokers are proud to be MYBA corporate and broker members.


ECPY (The European Committee for Professional Yachting) created in 1993 by Thierry Voisin gathered all yachting industry’s activites to ensure the future of yachting. The company has launched its own contract called the “Transport Agreement” that allow you to decrese the amount of VAT paid due to a choosen itinerary.

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