The WOY will provide you a complete yacht management service, tailored to your exact requirements to take the complexity out of the equation.
Owning and managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly elaborate business. That’s why we are providing expert in-house services to maximize the enjoyment and minimize the issues of yacht ownership, control the costs of operation, and protect your investment. Experienced for more than 30 years, our management team will be your guide and assist you at all stages of your experience with The WOY and will consider all changes related to the maritime legislation regarding crew, ports, certificates, safety or even provision.

The WOY is offering a full range of management services to handle the full spectrum of yachts operations and services:

Crew management

  • Recruitment
  • Dismissal
  • Payroll, and salaries
  • Food allowance
  • Vacation
  • Compliancy of the contract regarding EU regulation
  • Flag state requirements checking

Certification / Compliance / Registration

  • Expertise in application and regulation of the different certifications such as MCA, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Malta, RIF and more
  • Selection of the right flag state for your yacht regarding your activities, new build project and existing yacht
  • Knowledge in class certfication as RINA, LLOYD and more
  • Assistance will all aspect to keep your yacht in regulatory compliance with consideration and respect of the following rules as they are regularly controlled by the flag state: ISM (International Safety Management) and ISPS (International Ship and Port Security) are part of the SOLAS chapter in the IMO (International Maritime Organization) legislation.

Yacht maintenance / Technical support / Refit

  • Organization of yearly check-up with repairs and budget estimations
  • Selection of the shipyard or contractor
  • Verification of the maintenance
  • Supervision during the refit period.


Comparison and Negotiation of the insurance policies to obtain the highest competitive an liable rates for Hull & Machinery and crew health

Customs & VAT

Through our in-house knowledge that renowned and respected by professional all over the yachting world, we will be able to provide you the best advice and latest information to increase the positive contribution to the owner.

Financial / Accounting

Owning a yacht involves complexity and requires meticulous understanding. At The WOY, we provide a dedidated management team dedicated to bespoke budgets, payroll plans and additional financial matters. We are woring from an annual budget agreed with Captain and Owner to handle the entire financial mangement of the yacht’s expenditures. Our role consists of revered accountants and multi-faceted representatives according to our experience within the yachting industry. On a monthly basis, our specialist will send a breakdown of your yachting expenses and maintain quality assurance throughout your ownership including comparison of the actula operating costs to the budget with detailed explanations as appropriate where variances has occured. To the Deep Blue real time yacht management software, we ensure that your yachting needs are taken care of whenever and wherever applicable.

Our yacht manager will operate with the utmost integrity and ethics, assuring transparency in all aspects of the vessel accounting.


We are here to help you.

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